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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble Vitamin contained in many plant oils, or can also be produced synthetically. Vitamin E is found naturally in our own skin, and its main benefit is to offer powerful antioxidant protection against pollution and free radical damage. It also helps to support our skin’s natural lipid barrier, which in turn improves the hydration levels within the epidermis, as water loss through the skin is minimised. Vitamin E is a family of ingredients also known as alpha tocopherol, tocopherol acetate, tocopheryl (vitamin e) acetate, tocopheryl glucoside or tocopheryl linoleate/oleate.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant vitamin that plays a crucial role in protecting the skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental stressors. In skincare, it is used for its antioxidant, moisturizing, and skin-nourishing properties.

What does Vitamin E do?

Vitamin E offers benefits such as: - Acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping to neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from environmental damage, such as UV rays and pollution. - Supports the skin's natural repair processes, promoting a healthier and more resilient complexion. - Assists in maintaining the skin's moisture balance, helping to prevent water loss and keep the skin well-hydrated. - Can improve skin texture and elasticity, contributing to a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Who is Vitamin E good for?

If any of the following apply Vitamin E might be a good option for you:

Dry and dehydrated skin

Impaired skin barrier



Who should avoid Vitamin E?

If any of the following apply it might be best to avoid Vitamin E:

Related Allergy

Should you be using Vitamin E?

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