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Meet Melody: Licensed Aesthetician and Renude Skincare Expert

Renude expert Melody talking career highlights and skincare advice

Melody CarlRenude Skin Expert
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Melody Carl
Written byMelody CarlRenude Skin Expert
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When did you first realise you wanted a career in skin?

I was 20 years old when I decided to become an Esthetician. My main goal was to boost my client’s confidence and empower them. I wanted to help people feel good about themselves and transform lives through a healthy skin. When you feel good about yourself you can take on the world. 

Tell us a bit about your experience in the industry 

I started off as an Esthetician working at a natural skin care clinic treating acne. It was such an amazing way to start a career and see the dramatic changes I could make in people's skin. After 5 years there I decided to start a business with my friends in the industry and focused on facials and got my manicurist license. The experience I gained working as a business owner gave me a better understanding of the industry and what areas need to be worked on. I focused on affordable facial and nail treatments while bringing the best in service and product to my clients. 5 years later I decided to go into the medical side of Aesthetics and work with doctors and aesthetic nurses performing more advanced treatments. This career move has given me more than I ever expected in the industry and has carried me through to where I am now. I currently still am working in a Nurse Prescriber led clinic in Wales where I never stop learning about the science and latest treatments in the aesthetic industry.

What would you say had been your career highlight? 

Working as an Aesthetic Specialist at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. I was one of 4 Aesthetic Specialists to work alongside Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists. My position was involved in not only facial treatments but pre and post-operative care of patients receiving surgical and other invasive skin treatments. During my time there I had opportunities to work with patients going through intensive facial reconstruction and was able to continually improve patient’s confidence by being a part of the transformative process. It was an honour to work alongside such brilliant Doctors and staff at an amazing Clinic.

What is your favourite thing about working in skincare?

I love having an impact on people's lives and seeing them transform. Skincare is not always about products and treatments, it has a lot to do with human connection. Being an Esthetician, you are an intimate part of people's lives. You get to really know your clientele and they become a part of your lives as well. It’s a very positive experience having the comradery of your clients and experiencing life together. 

What ingredients are in your personal skincare routine?

Peptides are my number one go to antiaging ingredient. I have seen the most transformative changes in my skin since I began using them. Peptides work to strengthen and plump the skin and I absolutely love the results. 

Retinal works for my skin in small doses, I have a cleanser that includes a form of retinal and I like how I can enjoy the benefits of retinal without the side effects.

Vitamin C! There is not much it does not do, and being sensitive to retinal its a must have in my routine. My skin tolerates high does well and the benefits are endless.

Beta Glucan in my moisturiser. My skin is usually dry, so I am always protecting it’s barrier function. The benefits of beta glucan fit perfectly into what I am looking for in a moisturiser; boosts skin barrier, smooths skin, and powerful antioxidant protection.

What do you love about working at Renude?

I love the team that I get to work with every day! We have such a brilliant team; we work so well together. We all are like-minded and have a strong passion for skincare. 

There is so much confusion and noise in the beauty industry, and with Renude we can reach a broader audience and cut through the noise and confusion. I love busting myths that clients hear and being able to give them solid advice on how to care for their skin. 

What is your best bit of skincare advice?

It is never too late or too early to start caring for your skin!

In my practice I teach my clients to preserve what they have in regard to aging. Aging is the number one concern I receive from my clients. The under 20 age group think that it is too early to start a retinol or peptide. Starting young builds that daily skincare routine that will last a life time and you will never regret taking care of yourself. The over 40's think it’s too late and their skin is ruined for life and that’s not true. With the right ingredients you can preserve your skin and have it looking better than ever being on the right routine for you. Age doesn’t matter, healthy skin does! 

Melody CarlRenude Skin Expert
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