Alaria Esculenta Extract

A type of edible brown algae, harvested from waters bordering Europe and Ireland, and rich in amino acids, minerals and antioxidants. When used in skin care, it hydrates, soothes, and imparts the appearance and feel of firmness in the skin. The combined properties of the ingredient results in plump and hydrated skin, and reduced signs of ageing. It is in the class of Algae Extract which also include ahnfeltia concinna extract, algae exopolysaccharides, algae extract, algin, alteromonas ferment extract, ascophyllum nodosum extract, asparagopsis armata extract, chlorella protothecoides, chlorella vulgaris extract, dunaliella salina (green algae) extract, hydrolyzed f-fucoidan, laminaria ochroleuca (kelp) extract, macrocystis pyrifera (kelp) extract, and marine extract.

What is Alaria Esculenta Extract?

A type of edible brown algae composed of amino acids, minerals (such as zinc, iron, selenium etc), and antioxidant.

What does Alaria Esculenta Extract do?

Provides soothing, hydrating, firming and antioxidant benefits.

Who is Alaria Esculenta Extract good for?

If any of the following apply Alaria Esculenta Extract might be a good option for you:

Dry and dehydrated skin

Fine Lines



Who should avoid Alaria Esculenta Extract?

If any of the following apply it might be best to avoid Alaria Esculenta Extract:

Related Allergy

Should you be using Alaria Esculenta Extract?

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