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We love SVR Laboratoire Dermalogique for their attitude towards sensitive-friendly skincare, and their affordable price points. Their entire range is hypoallergenic, using non irritating formulas to support skin health as well as calm sensitive skin types.

SVR Laboratoire Dermalogique were founded in 1962 as a French pharmacy brand, focusing on skincare for sensitive skin.

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SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique
More about SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique
SVR is a gentle French pharmacy brand established by a husband and wife pharmacist couple, Simone and Robert Veret, who had an expert knowledge of ingredients and formulation. SVR has a range of products formulated so that maximum efficacy goes hand in hand with gentleness for vastly improved skin-health. Prescribed by doctors and advocated by pharmacists, SVR can radically improve concerns such as blemishes, eczema, chronic skin-dryness, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis and other skin cell-renewal disorders.
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