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Renudists Talk: Ed’s Skincare Journey

Renude Member, Ed discusses his skincare journey over the past 4 Months

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Renudists Talk: Ed’s Skincare Journey
Written byPippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
Start your 2 minute skin quiz today and one of our aestheticians will create a personalised skincare routine for you!Take the skin quiz

Name: Ed

Age: 27

Lives: Surrey 

Occupation: PGA Golf Professional 

Skin type: Combination

Skin concerns: Clear blemishes, Hydrate Skin, Minimise Pores 

How did you find Renude? 

I’d spent very little time thinking about my skin beyond a quick wash with soap and using whatever moisturiser was lying about. However, after using (and loving!) my girlfriend’s skin care products, she dropped a very strong hint to find my own.  I didn’t want to waste time researching, or spend money on products that didn’t work so when Renude came highly recommended by friends who were already members, I thought why not give it a go? They raved about it and said they didn’t know of anything else like it anywhere. It sounded affordable, convenient and super credible  - that’s how it all started

Why did you choose to trust Renude with your skincare journey?

I chose to trust Renude with my skin for several reasons. I was impressed by the qualifications and expertise of their aestheticians, it gave me confidence in their ability to provide reliable skincare advice. A no-brainer. I know nothing about skin care so why not go to someone who does?  Reinforced by positive reviews and testimonials I found online, I could see I was onto a winner.  Also, with the process being online, it made it all the more efficient and gave me no excuse to put off finding skin care products that were right for me. 

What were your skin care goals when you started with us? 

My goals were initially to improve the overall health and appearance of my skin. I didn't know how to care for my skin or which products really worked. I needed guidance on establishing a consistent skincare routine that would reduce the number of breakouts in my skin, and protect it from the sun as I work outdoors a lot, and I wasn't sure if my skin was dry or dehydrated.

How was your experience with your first skincare consultation? 

My experience with my first skincare consultation at Renude was excellent. My aesthetician, Amelia, was attentive, patient and thorough in her understanding of my skincare concerns and goals. She asked detailed questions about my lifestyle, diet, and current skincare practices to gain a better understanding of my skin alongside the photos I uploaded. The consultation felt so personalised and tailored to me, It was such a professional experience, I was so surprised the call was free! 

How knowledgeable did you find your Renude aesthetician? 

Amelia really knows her stuff, she’s got years of experience and you could tell she was really passionate about her work. She had a deep understanding of different skin types, and common skin issues, and was able to explain things like skincare ingredients, and how they work really simply to me. I found out that, I hadn't been looking after my skin the way it actually needed to be. I had an impaired skin barrier and all the things I was using before were too harsh. Her expertise gave me confidence that I was in capable hands.

What did you think about your recommended routine? 

I was recommended CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, Medik8 Refresh Balancing TonerSVR Laboratoire Dermatologique Ampule B and Sebiaclear Hydra moisturiser with Heliocare's Oil Free SPF 50 for my AM routine and the CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser to swap out for my PM routine - all within the budget I’d identified in the quiz. I bought them all immediately via my Renude dashboard. Was simply blown away by the experience - I’d just had a one-to-one conversation with a professional doing a deep dive on my skin, a full routine recommended by brands that are only on Renude for their efficacy, not any clever marketing. And - all for only £20 which is redeemable against products I buy! Not to mention I can message her whenever I want if I have any questions. I really enjoy using the products in my recommended skincare routine. It’s now part of my daily morning routine when I wake up and before I go to bed. Renude's aesthetician picked out products that were suited to my skin type and concerns. Some of the brands I'd never heard of before, but I actually like that I was discovering new things and I trusted they had been chosen to do the job. I’m already seeing great results.

What’s your favourite product and why? 

My favourite product is the Heliocare oil-free SPF, it’s probably the product I couldn't live without as I’m outside every day. It’s not sticky and soaks in really quickly so I don't feel like I've actually got loads of product on my face - that would be really distracting for me. I’ve also enjoyed using a serum, I'd never had one before but the SVR Ampule B feels really nice on the skin and is supposed to help with soothing any redness in my skin and hydrate. 

What changes have you noticed in your skin? 

Over the course of four months, I have noticed huge positive changes in my skin. My acne breakouts have reduced in frequency and severity, resulting in a clearer complexion. Which honestly does make me feel more confident.  The overall tone of my skin has become more even, and my skin feels smoother and healthier

What have you learnt from your time at Renude that you wish you’d known sooner? 

So many things!  I have learnt the importance of consistency in skincare and how using the right products for my skin actually makes a real difference. I have a much better understanding of skincare ingredients, their benefits, and how they work together to achieve great results. And most importantly, the fact a service like this even exists! I love the fact I didn’t have to spend any time researching or any money trialling products I didn’t like or didn’t work.

Would you recommend Renude to a friend and why? 

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Renude to ALL my friends. Especially male ones who ‘know’ they should be doing something but can’t be bothered. This service is perfect for them. The personalised approach, ongoing support from qualified aestheticians, and effective products make Renude exceptional. Anyone needing guidance and wanting a simple, yet effective skincare routine would benefit from Renude. I’m looking forward to seeing how my routine develops over time and cannot wait for my next check with Amelia. 

Pippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
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Pippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
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