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Renude's New Look

Reflecting on how we’ve grown over time

Pippa & CateRenude Co-Founders
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Pippa & Cate
Written byPippa & CateRenude Co-Founders
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Renude has a new look. After several months in the works, we’re excited to be launching Renude 2.0 with a brand new look and feel.

Why did we decide to change things up?

When we first launched Renude, we were still learning who was most interested in using our service, and how best we could add value to their experience with us. We have learnt a lot since our launch, and wanted to update our brand to show how we have grown along with our community.. So what does Renude stand for?

Principled Skincare for Momentous Skin

Our approach to skincare is principled. We’re not interested in trends and hype, we simply want to focus on the tried and tested ingredients and products that deliver results, and that’s always the lens we use when we’re deciding which brands to work with. Our routines are kept simple, to deliver results without overwhelming the skin, and any adjustments to your routine are made gradually over time when your skin is ready. We support your complete skin journey, and we don’t promise a quick fix.

Momentous is how we view our skin, and we want to be here for all of your skin’s moments. We do not subscribe to ‘good’ skin or ‘bad’ skin, but skin that is continually renewing, with different moments on its journey. Whether that be a hormonal shift or upcoming life event that takes your skin into a new phase, we’re here to help you care for it, wherever it is today.

You’ll see this coming through in our new look - a backdrop of principled colours with momentous pops of colour to bring to the fun. We’ve also changed how we communicate, using accessible language, cutting through the jargon and avoiding those industry terms that we find negative and unhelpful or don’t feel aligned with.

Our goal? Clarifying the skincare space

Let’s face it, the skincare industry has gotten a little out of hand. With social media reducing the barrier to entry for new brands, and the trend of celebrity skincare lines going to extremes, it’s no wonder we’re all feeling a little overwhelmed with the sheer volume of products available to us. Our goal at Renude is to reduce the overwhelm and find you a skincare routine that gets you results and is a joy to use (whilst saving you time and money along the way.) We believe the right products for everybody are out there, we just need a little help in finding them. So let us take care of the research, so that you can take care of your skin.

If you’re interested in speaking with one of Renude’s aestheticians to create a personalised skincare routine for you, start our skin consultation.

Pippa & CateRenude Co-Founders
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