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Achieving Renude Approved Status

What makes a brand Renude Approved and how we deliver the best products for your skin goals

What does ‘Renude Approved’ really mean?

Back when Renudefirst started, Pippa curated a range of brands and products based on her knowledge of their efficacy.. From her time working as a Formulation Chemist with Beauty Pie and Boots, she knew exactly what to look out for and could identify the good from the brand. This was the foundation from where our Renude Approved status was built. 


To achieve Renude Approved status, we abide by a number of principles:


  • Products have active ingredients that genuinely meet a skin care need
  • Brands and products are carefully curated to ensure we service all ranges of budget. 
  • Products must be rigorously tested by our expert teams the products we bring onboard are tested by our expert team 


How do we identify our Renude approved brands? 

Finding solutions to tackle our members’ skin challenges isn’t easy; there are a number of ways we discover the brands we work with: 


  • Industry & media awards
  • From customer recommendations
  • Discovered at trade shows
  • Through thorough research and scouring the market 
  • Through qualified influencers i.e Dermatologists, Cosmetic and Skincare writers, aestheticians


We are extremely proud of our wide ranging brands, not only powerful but suiting every budget. From one-woman-band brands to L’Oreal owned, every product has a specific skin concern in mind. 


What we consider in the brand vetting process 

Here’s a number of things we consider when deciding if a brand partnership is beneficial to our members: 


  • Whether the brands ethos and mission statement aligns with Renude’s
  • How well aligned we are in trying to demystify the skincare space
  • How well it drives clinical results 
  • The formulation of the products 
  • Don’t take full ranges - identify the hero products from the brand, what they are best at


Why do we choose to offer multi-brand routines? 

With a personalised skincare routine, your skin profile is reviewed, and then a complete multi-brand and step by step routine is created, based on the best products on the market for your exact needs. There is no limit to the ingredients that can be selected (or avoided) in your routine, and your specific budget and preferences are catered to. 


Renude offers multi-brand personalised skincare routines, as we believe that the right products are out there for everyone, we just need a little help finding them. Instead of adding more complexity to the market, we built Renude to reduce the overwhelm and help you navigate the options that are already out there to find the routine that works best for you. 


On top of this, we work with a curated selection of Renude Approved products, as we know that not all brands are excellent at all things. We do the research, taking the best technologies and ingredients from market-leading brands, and trial everything we bring on to the site, to ensure that you can best care for your skin. 


How are Renude Approved products chosen? 

At Renude, we carefully select products from each of our Renude Approved brands based on how effective they are for our members. We know that not all brands are excellent at all things. Before we bring on any new products, these go to our team of licensed aestheticians for trialling. At least 3 people in the team try each product (chosen by who has the relevant skin profile for each product), and we need to score 3/3 for a product to get the green light. This process also helps our team to get a deep understanding of our new product launches, so they can better recommend these to our customers. 


This is so we can truly say we know how effective the products are; we like how they feel and smell and dry on the skin and we trust that they will be valuable in helping our members achieve their skin goals. 


We are committed to offering our members a unique and valuable experience no matter your skin type, budget or availability. We take into consideration everyone's goals, and circumstances to offer the best products and services at the best price points. This means no matter what you spend, your routine will always drive results. 


Thing we consider in the product vetting process 

You may notice on our product pages that we don’t offer our members every product that a brand has to offer. This is because we believe some brands are better at some things than others. Take Medik8 and their infamous Retinal range, effective and varied in strength - allowing us to cater to members at all stages in their retinol journey; or CeraVe and its simple line of cleansers catering to all skin types for both AM or PM routines. We take the best of the brand we work with to ensure our members are getting the best routines available.


Here’s what we consider when we choose the products we build personalised routines with:


  • How effective the ingredients is
  • The versatility of the product 
  • Who the product will be useful for 
  • How it can be built into a routine in collaboration with other products 
  • Whether it’s the best product on the market at what it does 
  • If we don't already offer a product that does this to an equal or better effect 
  • Allergens 
  • The texture, scent and fragrance 
  • The cost


Will you ever pay more for skincare products through Renude? 

No! All Renude products are RRP matched or less, so you'll only ever pay market price. With our members-only loyalty scheme, you'll even earn money back as you spend, giving you discounts on your next purchase. As a Renude member you'll earn £1 for every £10 you spend on skincare products. This will be added to your account whenever you make a purchase, ready to be used next time you checkout.


Feel safer knowing that your skincare is safe in our hands due to our scrupulous vetting processes? Let us help build your confidence, build your routine and achieve your skin goals - start our skin quiz now as the first step in your skincare journey. 


Pippa Harman
Pippa Harman
Co-Founder Renude