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Skin-deep side effects of Dry January

If you're going dry for January, keep your skin healthy and reap the benefits of cutting back

Pippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
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Skin-deep side effects of Dry January
Written byPippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
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How Alcohol Affects the Skin

Here’s what we know about consuming alcohol and the effects it has on the skin.

Drinking at high levels (we’re not here to judge, so we base this off the NHS definition of ‘excessive drinking over time’) can cause damage to skin cells, potentially interrupting cell function and the production of collagen which could in turn speed up the aging process. In some cases regular alcohol consumption leads to skin reactions like flushing, dehydration, aging, acne, red face and rosacea.

Our aestheticians are on-hand to support our members with skin challenges like these, and thanks to Renude’s community science, we can spot signs of each of these conditions and create a personal skincare routine to help when you complete our quick Skin Health Quiz.

Why to try Dry January

We believe in everything in moderation, definitely not here to tell you to scrap alcohol completely if you don’t feel like it! We also aren’t saying that you have unhealthy skin because you drink. Simply that there are a lot of benefits that come with reducing your alcohol intake, including positive results with your skin health and routine.

Studies showed 54% of Dry January participants reported better-looking skin by taking a month off from drinking

When you choose Renude, we create your routine centered on addressing a strengthened skin barrier, the outermost part of your skin. The skin barrier protects us from external stressors, like pollution and UV radiation, retains water to keep your body and skin hydrated and transports vital nutrients to your skin.

Each part of your skincare routine will come together to cleanse, treat and repair, moisturise and protect your skin barrier. Reducing your alcohol intake while maintaining this routine helps maximise on your potential results!

Our Top 5 Skin Tips this Dry January

  • Stay Hydrated, drink lots of water

  • Cleanse with a balm or oil for that extra lock-in of moisture (if this format is recommended for your skin)

  • Reduce the use of retinoids and salicylic acid if your skin type is dry

  • Use humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin for moisture

  • Moisturise AM and PM 

If you're making any lifestyle swaps like this, you can speak to us about how this could affect your skincare routine and we can best advise you on how to look after your skin and the products we think would suit you best.

Health Benefits to Drinking Less

If you’re considering reducing your alcohol intake, there are wider health benefits to know about.

Short-term benefits:

  • feeling better in the mornings

  • being less tired and more energetic

  • better-looking skin

  • saving some money

Long-term benefits:

  • lower blood pressure

  • lower risk of stroke, hypertension, cancer and liver disease

  • lower cholesterol levels

  • better mood, memory and quality of sleep

  • help with weight management


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Pippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
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