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Thank You Farmer Sunscreen

The Perfect Daily Defence, with Plant Powered Protection

Pippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
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Pippa Harman
Written byPippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
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South Korean skincare brand, Thank You Farmer prides itself on using carefully selected ingredients sourced from nature and applying innovative technology to create products that work harmoniously with the skin and particularly when it comes to their sunscreens. Their formulations deliver visible results while nurturing and protecting the skin. Get to know Thank You Farmer's exceptional sunscreen range, delving into its cosmetic formulation, benefits, and suitability for different skin types.

Cosmetic Formulation and Benefits of Thank You Farmer Sunscreen

Thank You Farmer’s sunscreen formulations are one of our favourites at Renude, as they offer high protection against both UVB and UVA, as well as including additional plant extracts to maximise the antioxidant benefits to the skin. Customers rate their silky smooth textures, how  they sit lightly on the skin, applied smoothly and evenly without much effort to rub in and work well as a base underneath make-up. 

High Protection - what is PA+?

PA+ or PA+++, commonly seen on sunscreen labels, is a rating system used particularly in Japan and South Korea, to indicate the level of UVA protection provided by a sunscreen product.

The PA rating system is a measure of the sunscreen's ability to protect against UVA rays. The more "+" signs that follow "PA," the higher the level of UVA protection provided. Here's what each level of PA rating represents:

  1. PA+ indicates some UVA protection.
  2. PA++ provides moderate UVA protection.
  3. PA+++ offers high UVA protection.
  4. PA++++ offers extremely high UVA protection

As a PA+++ product, Thank You Farmer SPF 50 offers a high UVA protection level. 

Plant Powered Ingredients

Bamboo, Mistletoe, and Centella Asiatica extract are three of the natural ingredients used in Thank You Farmer’s Sunscreen.


  • Hydration: Bamboo extract is known for its hydrating properties, as it contains minerals and amino acids that help moisturise the skin.
  • Antioxidant protection: It is rich in antioxidants that can help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, reducing premature ageing and promoting a youthful appearance.
  • Soothing and calming: Bamboo extract has soothing properties that can help calm irritated skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • Brightening: Some bamboo extracts have natural brightening properties, which can help even out the skin tone and improve radiance.


  • Moisturisation: Mistletoe extract is often used in skincare products for its moisturising properties. It helps improve the skin's hydration levels, making it soft and supple.
  • Anti-ageing: Mistletoe contains antioxidants that can help protect the skin from environmental damage, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory: It has calming properties that can soothe irritated skin and reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Skin conditioning: Mistletoe extract is known to have conditioning effects on the skin, leaving it feeling smoother and more hydrated.

Centella Asiatica Extract

  • Wound healing: Centella Asiatica extract is renowned for its wound-healing properties. It can help promote the production of collagen, aiding in the healing process of acne scars, wounds, and blemishes.
  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory: It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and calm irritated or inflamed skin, making it beneficial for sensitive and acne-prone skin.
  • Antioxidant protection: The extract contains antioxidants that can help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, preventing premature ageing and improving overall skin health.
  • Moisturisation and hydration: Centella Asiatica extract can help improve the skin's moisture retention abilities, keeping it hydrated and plump.

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF 50 

  1. This lightweight sunscreen is perfect for daily use, providing broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays using chemical only filters. The advanced formulation contains potent antioxidants, such as green tea and sunflower seed oil, which help combat free radicals and protect the skin from environmental stressors.

    Its non-greasy texture absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a natural finish that works well under makeup. With a delightful citrus scent, this sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination skin.

    Thank You Farmer, Sun Project Light Sun Essence

Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50

  1. Designed with hydration in mind, the Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF50 is good for those with dry or dehydrated skin. This sunscreen not only provides SPF protection but also delivers deep moisture to the skin, preventing dryness and maintaining a healthy barrier. Enriched with botanical extracts like aloe vera and centella asiatica, it soothes and calms the skin, making it perfect for sensitive skin types. The lightweight, non-sticky formula leaves a dewy, radiant finish.

    Thank You Farmer, Sun Project Water Sun Cream

Is Thank You Farmer Sunscreen suitable for Different Skin Types?

Thank You Farmer sunscreens are formulated to cater to a wide range of skin types, ensuring that everyone can enjoy sun protection without compromising on their specific needs. Whether you have oily, combination, dry, or sensitive skin, Thank You Farmer has a sunscreen that suits you.

Is Thank You Farmer Sunscreen suitable for dark skin? 

The Sun Project Light Essence SPF50 uses chemical-only sun filters and is suitable for all skin tones. The Sun Project Water Cream contains a small amount of titanium dioxide (a white powder sun filter), so may not be the best option for dark brown skin, although the formula shouldn’t leave a white cast on lighter brown skin tones.  

Thank You Farmer sunscreen exemplifies the brand's commitment to creating exceptional skincare products. Their sunscreens not only protect against harmful UV rays but also deliver additional skincare benefits, ensuring that your skin remains healthy, nourished, and radiant. With a range of options tailored to different skin types, Thank You Farmer has established itself as a go-to brand for those seeking effective sun protection without compromising on the cosmetic formulation. 

Find out whether Thank You Farmer is right for your skin. Speak to a Renude aesthetician today to find out what routine would be best for you. Start our quiz today. 

Pippa HarmanCo-Founder Renude
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