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Meet Sachi Skin Founder, Farah Bashir

Find out how Sachi Skin can help you achieve your skin goals

Farah BashirFounder
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Farah Bashir
Written byFarah BashirFounder
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Newly Renude Approved, Sachi Skin is powered by innovations in dermal science and rooted in heritage botanicals. This vegan, cruelty-free brand delivers real results for all skin types. This is a real favourite within the skincare community, and we cannot wait to recommend Sachi to our members. To celebrate the launch of Sachi on our channels we sat down with the Founder, Farah Bashir.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into skincare.

My background and passion for skincare started from personal experience with hyperpigmentation, acne and other skin concerns, which led me to research and educate myself about skincare ingredients and formulations. I spent YEARS doing this, putting in the hard graft to ensure that I could give meaningful advice both to myself and my communities. 

This passion eventually led me to qualify as an esthetician, cosmetic formulator, and skincare educator and finally establish Sachi Skin as a brand that focuses on thoughtful skincare solutions.

How did you learn so much about treating hyperpigmentation?

Treating hyperpigmentation requires a deep understanding of the underlying causes and how different skin types and tones may react to treatments. Through extensive research and collaborating with skincare experts over the years,  as research for my free Hyperpigmentation E-Book, I have gained knowledge about effective ways to address hyperpigmentation (with specialised knowledge for melanin-rich skins).

Who did you set about helping when you founded Sachi Skin?

When I founded Sachi Skin, my aim was to help individuals of all skin types and tones achieve healthy, radiant skin. I wanted to create a brand that caters to diverse communities and offers inclusive beauty products that promote holistic care for the skin. One underserved group of people were those with melanin-rich skin, people like me and I really wanted to make sure people like me also saw fantastic results.

Sachi Skin is branded as ‘thoughtful skincare’, what does that mean to you? 

'Thoughtful skincare' means that our brand takes an intentional approach to skincare, considering various factors such as ingredients, formulations, and their impact on the skin and overall well-being, as well as mental health. We prioritise creating products that are not only effective but also safe and mindful of the needs of all skin types and tones. We make sure we are formulating products that have a reason to exist, rather than adding more noise in the beauty industry, by creating never-seen-before innovative formulations that are multitasking,  eliminating the need for many single-ingredient formulations. These multitasker formulations are good for your skin and good for the planet.  At the same time, we recognise that as a brand we too are a work in progress. But, our promise will always be to take a thoughtful approach in everything we do!

Tell us more about how you tie in ancient traditions with clinical skincare.

At Sachi Skin, we believe in the power of ancient traditions in skincare. We draw truth and inspiration from traditional practices, and Ayurvedic botanicals and combine them with modern clinical skincare approaches to create formulations that are both effective and rooted in holistic care. Our tagline "Ayurvedic Clinical Skincare" reflects this blend of ancient wisdom meets dermal science.

What would your hero product be and why?

Our hero product at Sachi Skin is the Triphala Pigmentation Corrector, formulated to address hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It combines the power of Triphala, an ancient Ayurvedic herb, with modern scientific research to deliver effective results and promote healthy, radiant skin. Warning:  A side effect includes surprisingly lovely skin texture and a smaller appearance in pores. I’m still not sure how that happened! 

Just like Renude, Sachi Skin also offers its own kind of skin journal, why was this introduced for your customers?

Our gratitude and mind reframing journal was introduced as part of our commitment to a holistic approach to skincare and taking care of the “whole” you. We believe that skincare is not just about topical treatments, but also about nurturing the inner self. The skin journal encourages our customers to practise gratitude and mindfulness, promoting overall well-being in addition to their skincare routine.

What skincare ingredients do you wish people knew more about and why?

One of our favourites is Dioic acid, which is overlooked due to its relatively high cost and its more popular sister Azelaic Acid. However, Dioic acid has sebum-regulating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and skin-brightening properties. It is beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin, as well as for addressing hyperpigmentation concerns. We use Dioic acid in our Complexion Clarifying Accelerator to fade dark spots, and clarify and resurface the skin. 

Why has Sachi Skin chosen to partner with Renude?

Sachi Skin has chosen to partner with Renude because we share a common vision of promoting clinical skincare solutions with aesthetician support and empowering individuals to feel good in their skin. Renude's expertise in skincare science aligns with our brand's mission perfectly, as an Ayurvedic clinical brand with a strong focus on dermal science and new next-gen technology.

Do you think Sachi Skin customers would benefit from the ongoing support of an aesthetician and why?

Yes, we believe that Sachi Skin customers can greatly benefit from the ongoing support of an aesthetician. An aesthetician can provide personalised skincare advice, perform professional treatments, and guide customers in maintaining a healthy skincare routine (avoiding any newness trap too). This personalised support can help support individuals to achieve optimal results and address their specific skincare concerns effectively

Farah BashirFounder
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